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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

13. Dick goes to town

Hi, I'm Richard Everyman but people call me Dick

Patch and I considered what the Eggheads had said about using all the resources available to make our way in the Big Society.  "I think it's time to explore, " I said to him "I mean we've both been through a pretty rough patch Patch, all considered."
After he'd stopped licking his scrotum he gave me his full attention.  "What do you suggest then?"
"I think we should head straight for the city and see what's on offer."
Patch flopped down in his basket with a sigh. "Do you mind if I stay put, I'm all beat up?"
It was true he looked a little tired and so I agreed he should stay at home.  I was however slightly concerned that this could become a habit and I'd be left holding the baby or puppy or whatever the term was when talking about a lazy mutt.
I hopped on the bus...

And so I hopped on the bus and headed for the bright lights.

I was astounded at the price of a one way ticket for a two mile journey.  I politely informed the driver that in the old days £1.80 would have bought me a night out at the Odeon, a bag of fish and chips on the way home and I'd still have change for a bottle of sterilised milk in the morning. He just shrugged his shoulders and jolted the bus forward so that the inertia sent me flying down the centre aisle towards my very expensive seat.  I had not experienced such a G-force since my happier Harrier jet days.  Not bad for a clunky old diesel engine though I thought.

As people got on I could see that the white haired ones weren't putting any money in the slot.  Instead they had some kind of pass which they waved in front of the driver who ignored them before trying out his G-force experiment again to help them to their seats. At the next stop a very attractive young lady in a mini skirt mounted the step.  She smiled and paid her fare.  The driver smiled back and said hello before turning around in his seat to make sure she had found somewhere comfortable to take the weight off her stilettos.  Once she was firmly seated he smiled at her again before moving gently forward and we continued into the city.  Fares had risen but chivalry at least was not dead.

I looked around at my silent fellow travellers and detected a kind of sadness.  They all looked like they wanted to be somewhere else and not on the number 11.  Perhaps they were on a quest for a better life or maybe they were just going shopping? Whatever had caused them to mount this joy-mobile I did not know, but I for one could hardly wait to get off to find out more about the Big Society.

This is Dick Everyman signing out.

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