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Thursday, 7 April 2011

5. Dick sees the light.....

Hi, I'm Richard Everyman but people call me Dick

My chat with the Eggheads left me with more questions than answers about the Big Society.  After 43 years in the dark I'll have to search harder if I'm going to get peace of mind.  I will have to find new sources of information to understand just what is going on.  If only Yvette was here to support me, things would be different.  But it was never to be.  Our separation was swift.  We never got chance to say goodbye.  But I cling on to the hope that one day we'll meet again, maybe that's what the Big Society can do for us?

Last night I found the old TV
Last night I found the old TV still stuck in the corner of the living room "the one eyed idol" as old Mr Boulton used to say.  I remembered how the family used to sit and watch it and how they gradually ceased talking to each other.  Mrs Boulton stopped serving dinners at the table so the kids ate from trays on their laps, staring in a trance at the television screen.

The Eggheads said I had to go out and ask questions but maybe some of the answers could be found here.  The TV used to show news and current affairs, there was a war in Vietnam and starvation in Africa and race riots in the USA.  But that was the 60's so we must have moved on, especially now that we had the Big Society.

I heard a familar theme tune...
I sat down and looked forward to seeing the progress we had made after my 43 years in solitude.  There was a wonderful programme about the Universe that made me feel even smaller but the presenter, Professor Cox also made me feel like an important part of it all.  "You and I are made up of trillions of particles of star dust..."  But then, to my horror I heard a familiar theme tune. It was Coronation Street.  I could not believe my eyes and ears.  Like a scorpion after a nuclear war it had survived all of this time.  Gone were the hairnets and bottles of stout, instead it had women in short skirts but worst of all, it still had Ken Barlow.

I realised that not only had this house stayed the same but the world outside had not changed.  The news showed wars in the Middle East, starvation in Africa and riots in London.  But there was no mention of the Big Society.  Maybe it was all a still Big Secret?  Perhaps it is something that still needs to be discovered like a lost moon on the other side of Venus?  Professor Cox talked of making order out of chaos and after seeing the world through the one eyed idol there is still a long way to go.

I have seen the light
But, I have seen the light.  My quest for the Big Society is not over.  I am going in search of answers in all of this chaos and hope that the Eggheads and Professor Cox will be proud of me.

This is Dick signing out....

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